Dances with New Dancer Tips

If you've got some lessons under your belt and are ready to give a club dance a try, check below or download our flyer for New Dancer dances.

Note: When viewing the flyers, please scroll down to the end - many clubs have multiple flyers

For any changes to dance information, please email Brian at, or if it’s urgent, call 773.701.3194.

Legend (TYPE): CD-Club, DM-Demo, LS-Lesson, IN-Intro, SSD-Social Square Dance, MS-Mainstream, PL-Plus, RD-Round, SP-Special, ND-New Dancer (for dancers who have just completed lessons in mainstream or Social Square Dance), BE-Beginner (for dancers who are still learning basic and mainstream), WS-Workshop, AC-Advanced Challenge, XX - No dance

If you're only interested in one kind of dance, you can pick one below.

There are no dances of this type at this time.