Demo Dances for 2016

Want to give square dancing a try, but don’t have time for lessons? Here are the square dance clubs in the Chicago area hosting free Intro to Square Dance parties over the next few months. No experience needed, partner needed, no special outfits needed—if you like to laugh and know your left from your right, you’ll be able to square dance. Scroll down for more details. If you are interested in taking square dance lessons, visit our Lessons page for full information.

Note: When viewing the flyers, please scroll down to the end - many clubs have multiple flyers

For any changes to dance information, please email Brian at, or if it’s urgent, call 773.701.3194.

Legend (TYPE): CD-Club, DM-Demo, LS-Lesson, IN-Intro, SSD-Social Square Dance, MS-Mainstream, PL-Plus, RD-Round, SP-Special, ND-New Dancer (for dancers who have just completed lessons in mainstream or Social Square Dance), BE-Beginner (for dancers who are still learning basic and mainstream), WS-Workshop, AC-Advanced Challenge, XX - No dance

If you're only interested in one kind of dance, you can pick one below.

There are no dances of this type at this time.