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Square dancing is alive and well in Chicagoland. Come here to find out about upcoming dances, square dancing tips, lessons, news, and more!

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  • In Memoriam - Lorraine Thompson
  • See the change of location for the Swing’n Sugar Squares Christmas Potluck here.
  • See the changes to upcoming Sidekicks dances here.
  • MCASD insurance reports are now available under the “ABOUT MCASD” tab.
  • Oceanwaves is joining Call & Caper. Oceanwaves will be joining the Call & Caper Club for lessons this year, beginning on Sept. 15. See the lessons page for details.
  • Join in the conversation about all things Square Dance in the greater Chicago area by becoming a member of the 'Square Dance Chicago' group on Facebook.
  • Have some suggestions for the site? Or just want to add some dances to the schedule? Send an email to Brian at squaredancechicago@hotmail.com or call 773-701-3194.