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The MCASD website has changed! All the information on the old site is now accessible through the links at the top of the page, organized so that you can easily find what you want. (Visitors with older browser versions may need to access dance schedules using the links below in the "Quick Links" section.) We'll be adding other features in the future to help you get your dance information in any way you want.

Square dancing is alive and well in Chicagoland. Come here to find out about upcoming dances, square dancing tips, lessons, news, and more!

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Visitors with older browsers may not be able to access the links at the top of the page. In that case, you can see upcoming dance schedules using the links below. While we're working on a way to make the links above more compatible with older browsers, users with older browsers may wish to upgrade their browser to a more current version to experience the full function of the site.